A Family Tradition of Timeless Quality Since 1961


A Family Tradition Since 1961

Mattison Contracting, LLC is a New Hampshire based general contracting company owned by Greg and Lori Mattison in Southern New Hampshire.  Our mission is to bring traditional and modern construction techniques together simultaneously utilizing the most advanced tools in craftsmanship and management to produce quality results and high levels of customer satisfaction. 


Hire The Professionals

Retain Professional People Who Love Their Craft


Mattison Contracting, LLC is a professional general contracting company which prides itself on its ability to provide professional construction services to the building marketplace. The employees at Mattison Contracting, LLC strive to combine their professional trade skills with sincere feeling of being a guest in your home. Our goal is for our finished works to leave our customers looking forward to inviting us back for future projects.





Our construction services include the installation of new and the implementation of existing smart technology appliances and systems. We provide consultation services for the integration and operation of software driven building systems. Contact us for more information.




Completing fast track projects for major program retrofit and ground up projects.


We welcome Federal and local Municipal projects. Our staff maintains certified United States, Everification and other security clearances. We maintain a high standard of installing products that are produced in the United States of America. 


Maintaining construction services for the residential building marketplace inclusive of repair through Design/Build ground up projects. Consultation and expert witness services available.



Providing design/build construction services to the farming industry. Supporting Federal and State Granted programs.


Preserving and repairing historical period homes utilizing technology and craftsmanship. Certification with the State of New Hampshire Preservation Alliance.



Updating and remodeling of twentieth century homesteads including all aspects of residential construction.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Mattison Contracting, LLC welcomes the opportunity to present its qualifications in order to complete construction services at your residential or commercial property.  Utilizing our years of construction service experience we will listen to your project ideas and goals, and become a general contractor who will help you realize a successful project.  Our goal is to become your General Contractor, establishing a relationship which can be relied upon to achieve success for your project no matter how insurmountable or insignificant it may be.  Our family business has created a legacy of customers, of which it is commonplace for them to invite us back for future projects.  Construction is our core service and we maintain great pride in our projects. Your project success will be realized through the implementation of a team of experienced vendors and subcontractors that Mattison Contracting, LLC utilizes on a continual basis.  Listening, implementing and verifying are the keystone tools that Mattison Contracting, LLC will bring to your project.

What Are We Building Now?

Barn restoration and re-purposing project located on a residential historical property in Southern New Hampshire. Project includes:

• Major structural repairs and alterations including the installation of 

   foundation helical piles. 

• Installation of new primary utilities including emergency propane

  generator backup of power systems for various property buildings.

• Coordination of the installation of renewable energy systems including

   ground mounted solar tracking panels. 

• Design/Build of custom interior office space utilizing smart technology.

• Design/build full bath area with custom sink and shower fixtures and barn

  board interior finish.

• Custom designed furniture and leisure area. 

• Design/Build of art studio.

• Installation of recycled barn board for custom interiuor wall finishes. 

• Installation of corregated metal roofing panels as ceiling finish,  panels

  were acid washed for antique visual affect. 

• Barn structure has been designed to support all other buildings on property 

   with water, mechanical, and electrical infrastructure. 

• Site-work coordination, including installation of a heavy duty traffic

   designed septic system. 

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Repurposed Barn - Office/Studio Design/Build Project

Custom Built-In Murphy Bed
This custom bed enclosure was made using the same restored barn board that was utilized on the walls of the office. Pistons aid in the operation and custom storage compartments above hold pillows. Three small book cubicles are revealed upon opening. The outside of the structure includes traditional railroad spikes that have been installed to provide daily storage of clothing, creating a traditional peg storage area.
Corrugated Metal Ceiling
This corrugated metal ceiling was added for custom visual effect
and was hand acid washed to give antique character. The recessed lights are recessed into the beams in order to create a flush low profile look. A wireless smart fan on the ceiling for air distribution has been installed and added to the smart home technology program.
Repurposed Antique Barn Board
The interior of this office/barn has utilized recycled barn board of various textures and colors. Visual affect was intensified by installation of random width boards in a vertical pattern. Utilizing recycled antique materials creates a timeless atmosphere.
Custom Spiral Staircase
This spiral staircase maintains residential code compliance. The staircase was installed utilizing custom hickory treads which have been scribed to allow for the metal ballustrade to pass through them. The wood tread create a continuation of the skip planed hickory flooring of the office. The spiral staircase provides access to a storage loft above while demonstrating non overpowering visual effect.

What Are We Building Now?

Complete Restoration and Renovation of the Historical Rogers House in Lebanon, NH. 

This ground breaking project on a fantastic landmark of Lebanon, NH is a grand unertaking and we are enjoying it every step of the way. This project includes:
  • • Restoration of Historic Columns on porch

    • Historical structure repair

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Historic Restoration of the Rogers House, Lebanon, NH 

Porch Restoration

Here you will see us replacing the columns to their origianl grandeur. It will be a long process but in the end it will look great!

Column Restoration

Here you can the dmage that must be fixed due to the wonderful New England weather conditions. 

Cornice Repair

Parts of the Cornice had to be reproduced in their original fashion and restored. 


This scaffolding shows the full scope of the work that must vbe done in order to bring this historic beauty back to Lebanon and the change is going to be amazing when it's done.