New Construction

Mattison Contracting, LLC will help you build your new home from conceptual design through
finished landscaping and will guide you through the process of what makes a successful
construction project.


Mattison Contracting, LLC will aid in the design of the entire project from start to finish and make sure no detail is overlooked. The design phase of our process is unique in that we work with our customers to make sure that we are designing a project that speaks to their unique style and tastes. We seek out the projects that are challenging and we thrive on utilizing the creative process to achieve success.


 Mattison Contracting, LLC will assemble experienced professionals from all construction disciplines to ensure that the customer maintains confidence throughout their projectWe work hand in hand with subcontractors in heating, electrical, plumbing, restoration, environmental, solar, excavation,and technology. We have worked hard to become a contractor who builds with confidence. Retain us for consultation services for your project.

Renovate and Restore

Renovation and restoration has become our specialty. We can make the antique and the
modern blend together to accentuate the historic beauty of a time tested structure. Success is realized by combining traditional construction techniques with products of today. Continued timelessness will be realized with the cohesiveness of yesteryear and current technology.


Don't let an abandoned oil tank or lead paint stand in the way of your project. We can help with all of your environmental needs from removing harmful materials such as asbestos siding and lead paint. Our certified team of personnel and subcontractors are available to review your project.

Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical Systems

We work with the best teams of subcontractors to make sure the project is always done professionally and successfully. We work with licensed electricians and plumbers and utilize consultants for technical guidance for projects involving energy efficiency, heating and cooling systems and renewable energy.


As time goes by and technology continues to be introduced into our daily functions, the success of
how that technology is implemented can be measured for success. Mattison Contracting, LLC
surrounds itself with a team of technology driven people who can aid in the achievement of your
goals with lighting, HVACentertainment, security systems, and much more.

Interior & Exterior Finishes

Mattison Contracting LLC maintains pride in its finished products and values very seriously the results of the fine details. We are proud of our painters' attention to detail and ability to utilize different products for your interior or exterior project. We will work with application professionals for the selection of the appropriate stain, paint, or sealant for your project.


Outdoor Living Spaces

Your home is your oasis and that ideal should architecturally flow throughout your exterior living spaces. It is common place for us to assist you with the design and construction of your outdoor living  areas. Our professional staff will guide you during your design stage, aiding in alleviating your stress of exterior projects. Mattison Contracting, LLC will strive to accomplish the goal that your exterior project is beautiful, functional, and safe.


Concierge Services

 At Mattison Contracting, LLC we find ourselves often becoming the caretakers for the homesteads we work on. Let our knowledge of what we have built in your home provide the basis for future maintenance and construction service. We maintain the ability to keep organized records of the mechanical systems in your home which may be utilized someday for the sale or family transfer of the property.

Technology Integration

 Our construction services include the installation of new and the implementation of existing smart
technology appliances and systems. We provide consultation services for the integration and operation of software driven building systems. 


Renewable Energy

We can be retained for the installation of renewable energy systems including solar,
wood pellet and wind. Our construction management services provide the coordination for the integration of these systems into both existing and new buildings.