Mattison Contracting, LLC offers its clients a single source for all their construction consulting and contracting needs. Mattison Contracting, LLC’s experience in translating advanced construction technology and concepts into practical working projects is the bridge which spans the gap between cutting edge designs and constructability. Mattison Contracting, LLC prides itself on its ability to provide its personnel with state of the art estimating and construction management tools. Combining veteran personnel with current construction technology, Mattison Contracting, LLC can complete even the most advanced construction project on time and within budget.


A Family Tradition Of Building Success

Mattison Contracting Fleet Vehicle, 1960's,  Albany, N.Y.



Mattison Contracting LLC, located in the Southern New Hampshire region continues a strong family tradition which began in Albany, New York in 1961 with Charles and Marianne Mattison. Mattison Contracting provided construction services that specialized in remodeling historic residential homes that were located in the Albany, New York region. Greg, the son of Charles and Marianne, was taught the custom remodeling and carpentry trade from his father. Upon completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering & Management from Clarkson University, Greg began his commercial construction management training in the early 1990s. Since the 1990s Greg has worked as an Environmental Engineer and Construction Manager, covering the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. Mattison Contracting, LLC, located in New Boston NH, began providing construction services in 2001. Mattison Contracting LLC, prides itself on its ability to combine traditional historic construction methodology with the most state-of-the-art estimating and construction management tools. By combining generations of craftsmanship with quality project management, Mattison Contracting, LLC is pleased to be able to provide service to both the residential, commercial and municipal construction markets.

Corporate Disciplines

Mattison Contracting, LLC currently offers design/build services including: Custom Exterior and Interior Construction, Residential/Commercial Construction Management, Historical Renovations, Custom Home Building and Municipal Construction Services.



We strongly believe that our project’s successes can be attributed to the utilization of regional subcontractors. We have a strong commitment to utilizing proffessional subcontractors, which have allowed our projects to have successful timelines and superior craftsmanship.

Our Mission

Maintaining a high status in the General Construction industry through the implementation of integrity and construction knowledge.  It is our goal to establish honest relationships with our customers and to utilize those bonds as the foundation for each successful project.




The capabilities of any organization are founded on the experiences of its individuals.  In Mattison Contracting LLC’s case there exists a vast resource of construction experience acquired by its employees over their years of training. Mattison Contracting, LLC’s greatest resource is its personnel. 


Our employees realize we are invited guests in your home, and will proceed with the building of your project while maintaining non-ending respect for your property and your ideals.


Mattison Contracting, LLC is a Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regional general contractor which provides construction services to residential, commercial, industrial, and government  clientele.


Our corporate philosophy is to apply a practical “hands-on”, goal-oriented approach, managing projects from design through completion. Mattison Contracting, LLC personnel work on-site, drawing on practical experience to translate construction concepts into completed structures.